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You must be a Temptations member to receive an invite to one of our events.


To sign up for our FREE membership:

Email us at temptationsforall@yahoo.com and respond with the following information request:

1. Are you a male/female couple or single female?
   If not, no need to answer the rest of the questions.
2. First name(s).
3. Age(s).
4. General location (i.e. Boston, MA)
5. Are you interested in lifestyle parties?
6. Experience level. (new, intermediate, advanced)
7. How did you hear about us?
8. Are you on any adult lifestyle sites? If so, which
   one(s), and what is your ID name(s)?

9. If not on a lifestyle site with a picture, please email a picture

   (G, PG, or R- rated) to temptationsforall@yahoo.com.


We may request additional information before your membership is approved. Any information provided will be held confidential.


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